Profile of Directors

Mr. Om Prakash Gupta

He is the main promoter and the founder of the Company. He has overall experience of more than 5 decades in the field of footwear and allied products.

Mr. Ramesh Kumar Gupta

Mr. Ramesh Kumar is son of Mr. Om Prakash Gupta. He is 59 year of age. He is commerce graduate and is director in the company since 1986. He has comprehensive experience of over 30 years of the industry and a well-connected in the footwear industry in India.

Mr. Rajat Gupta

Mr. Rajat Gupta is a young and dynamic entrepreneur. He is 34 years of age and is director in the company since 2004. He is a commerce graduate and possesses expertise in Sales and Marketing of footwear and allied items. He takes care of day to day operations of the company.

Mr. Harsh Gupta

Mr. Harsh Gupta is also young and dynamic entrepreneur. He is 32 year of age and is also director in the company. He is also a commerce graduate and takes care of Accounts and Finance of the company.

The Company is owned and managed by a forward-looking and dedicated team of businessmen. Our commitment is to provide low cost Footwears and related products at highest quality with a special emphasis on timely deliveries. All our business processes are targeted towards the maintenance of high levels of quality for our products and at the same time being cost-competitive.